Write Allocate Monitor II for Windows95/98/NT4.0/XP 0.57

Very good utility to turn on Write Allocate if your motherboard doesn't set this or you have more than 256MB of ram. Also enables Write Combining, External Write Buffer Empty Control (EWBE) and Data Prefetch. You can safely enable Write Allocate, EWBE and Data Prefetch but have to be careful with the addresses of MTRR0 and MTRR1 for Write Combining. Just look at the resources of your video card and search for the biggest address range. Use windows' scientific calculator to make the hex calculations and conversions to Decimal (for example D8000000-DFFFFFFF = 128MB). Use the biggest range for MTRR0 and set Write Combining enabled for this range. You can also use the second biggest range and do the same for MTRR1, but this can be unstable.

To make the program loading your settings at Windows startup execute \"WAmonitor.exe AUTO\" (in Autostart)


The only program I've seen where you can change the MTRR values by yourself.

If you can't unpack lzh files, use this unpacker: http://people.freenet.de/AvPruissen/lha255e.zip


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