SetMul 1.1

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The main purpose of this program is to quickly change the multiplier of VIA C3 and AMD K6 Mobile x86 processors in MS-DOS and Windows 9X. It will display the multiplier and resulting speed. In addition it can enable and disable processor L1 and L2 cache.

NEW SINCE UPDATE v1.1 of 20-5-2014
-Fixed protection fault when running SetMul on a 486 system
-K6-2+/III+ : Exclusively toggle L1 cache: parameters L1DX / L1EX
-Pentium Pro/2/3 toggle L2 cache: parameters L2D / L2E
-Winchip C6 toggle I-cache: parameters ICD / ICE
-Pentium P54C test register "TR12" options. Parameters:
BPD - Disable Branch Prediction
VPD - Disable V Pipeline
L1DX - Disable L1 cache exclusively
CCD - Disable L1 code cache
DCD - Disable L1 data cache
PFE - Pentium Features Enable; Resets the above TR12 options to default.
The status of register TR12 cannnot be read by design.


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