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  • CPU-to-PCI Bridge latency timer (Win9x)
    by Nohr »
    This program sets chipset CPU-to-PCI Bridge latency timer to 0 clks. Setting latency timer to 0 might fix graphics card caused sound crackling.

    This program work's only in Windows9x. Only VIA MVP3 chipset tested by the author.

    2.31 KiB
  • CTU - Central Tweaking Unit  0.82
    by Nohr »
    Central Tweaking Unit (freeware) is a K6 CPU tweak tool.

    · Enables all performance related settings under Windows 9X/and WinME.
    · Allows settings “on-the-fly”, no need to reboot
    · Recommended settings and documentation

    196.33 KiB
  • K6DOS config.sys Driver for K6+ CPUs  1.0
    by Nohr »
    k6dos.sys is a DOS driver program that initializes k6+ CPUs prior to the loading of a memory manager. The primary objective of the program is to initialize the k6+ (k6-2+ and k6-3+) CPUs to operate at peak settings (multiplier, write combining modes and write allocation) as early as possible in the boot process. Upon completing the process of initializing the CPU, k6dos.sys unloads itself from memory and returns any used memory to DOS.
    2.35 KiB
  • K6Speed Update  0.88
    by Nohr »
    ver 0.88 exe only. Fixes bugs with control of k6-III and k6-2 CXT core CPUs and fixes a BSOD problem with NT4/W2K and k6-2/3 CPUs.
    30 KiB
  • K6Speed 4-24-01  0.87
    by Nohr »
    Ver 0.87 CPU control utility for AMD k62+/3+ and k6-2/3 CPUs. Controls multiplier bits of k6-2+/3+ CPUs, write allocation and write combining modes of all CXT core CPUs.
    19.73 KiB
  • K6Speed Linux edition  
    by Nohr »
    k6speed.o and cpuspd

    6.23 KiB
  • CPU-to-PCI bridge latency timer (NT4/2000/XP)  
    by Nohr »
    This tool sets the latency timer of the PCI device 0 (the CPU-PCI-Bridge) to 0. It consist of two components, the DirectNT kernel component written by Matthias Witthopf and Andreas Stiller for the German computer magazine c´t, and the initialization component which uses the services provided by DirectNT to set the PCI registers. The source of the tool is included as well as the DirectNT package. Note that this tool is made for boards using the MVP3 chipset, which is for K6 and similar CPUs, but not for P2/P3/P4 or K7 based ones.

    129.87 KiB
  • TestHDD  0.72
    by Nohr »
    You can check the status of hard disks, and in some cases eliminate defects.

    Runs from a bootable floppy. You must include your own copies of the following files:


    Or run SYS A: on a DOS compatible system.

    10.99 KiB
  • Write Allocate Monitor II for Windows95/98/NT4.0/XP  0.57
    by Nohr »
    Very good utility to turn on Write Allocate if your motherboard doesn't set this or you have more than 256MB of ram. Also enables Write Combining, External Write Buffer Empty Control (EWBE) and Data Prefetch. You can safely enable Write Allocate, EWBE and Data Prefetch but have to be careful with the addresses of MTRR0 and MTRR1 for Write Combining. Just look at the resources of your video card and search for the biggest address range. Use windows' scientific calculator to make the hex calculations and conversions to Decimal (for example D8000000-DFFFFFFF = 128MB). Use the biggest range for MTRR0 and set Write Combining enabled for this range. You can also use the second biggest range and do the same for MTRR1, but this can be unstable.

    To make the program loading your settings at Windows startup execute \"WAmonitor.exe AUTO\" (in Autostart)


    The only program I've seen where you can change the MTRR values by yourself.

    If you can't unpack lzh files, use this unpacker: http://people.freenet.de/AvPruissen/lha255e.zip

    500.68 KiB
  • Throttle with ALi Aladdin V patch  0.9
    by Nohr »
    Throttle is a computer slowdown utility, It uses the Motherboard southbridge ACPI functions to introduce wait states.
    This package allows one to use Throttle on ALi Aladdin V motherboards.
    It comes with the normal Throttle as well, for usage on non-ALi motherboards.
    Just start T.BAT and select the desired amount of slowdown.
    Or pass a parameter to directly select the matching slowdown, without prompt.
    This package is for MS-DOS and Windows 95/98/ME.

    65.81 KiB


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