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  • VIA 4-in-1 Drivers  4.29 Final
    by Nohr »
    INF 1.20a, AGP 4.05b, IDE 3.011, IRQ 1.3a

    1.Update Via inf version 1.20a .( Add Via inf catalog file )
    2.Update via ide miniport driver 3.011 to via pci ide driver 1.04 in win2k


    Support Feature.

    1.Windows 2000 candidate version

    If you only install Windows 2000 candidate version, the MS IDE Driver limit the ATA100 feature and only support up to ATA66. It will switch the operation mode of ATA100 mode to PIO mode. After Install Filter Driver, the operation mode of ATA100 device will be decreased to ATA66 only, not to PIO mode.

    2.Windows 2000 candidate version plus Service Pack 2

    If you install Windows 2000 Service Pack2, the MS IDE Driver begin to support ATA100 feature.The ATA100 device could work with ATA100 mode really.
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  • VIA 4-in-1 Drivers  4.31
    by Nohr »
    INF 1.20a, AGP 4.05b, IDE 3.011, IRQ 1.3a

    1.Update Via ide filter driver version 1.10 with WHQL
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  • ALi AGP Driver Win9x/ME/2000/XP  1.90
    by Nohr »
    This setup program contains four drivers, AgartD.VXD, ALiPCIMP.PCI, and ALiAGP.sys(Win2K/XP). AgartD.VXD is the graphics address remapping table(GART) management for ALi chipsets at Windows 95. ALiPCIMP.PCI is the PCI miniport driver providing PCI miniportservices at Windows 98/98SE/Me. ALiAGP.sys is the PCI miniport driver providing PCI miniport services for Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
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  • ALi Bus Master IDE Driver & IDE Utility  3.56
    by Nohr »
    This setup utility installs ALi bus master IDE driver for Win95/98/NT and ALi IDE Utility for Win95/98. ALi Bus Master IDE driver supports DMA/UltraDMA features. ALi IDE Utility facilitates end user's both setting up IDE driver configuration and optimizing IDE hard disk access performance according to user's requirements.

    1. Fixed DirectCD format CD-RW problem on NT 4.0.
    2. Fixed system hanging problem of Quantum ELS127 HDD.
    3. Integrated IDE driver and IDE utility setup program.
    4. Let user remove driver from control panel's add/remove program.
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