FS: K6-2, RAM, hs/fans and more

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FS: K6-2, RAM, hs/fans and more

Post by mahto » Mon Mar 31, 2003 1:27 am

...cleaning out some stuff i don't need:

K6-2/350 AFR, 2.2v w/coolermaster hs/fan-$20+shipping
my 1st k6 cpu :cry: ;ran recently @400mhz on P5A

micron pc100, 32mb-$10+shipping
hyundai pc100, 64mb-$10+"
infineon pc133, 128mb-$20+"

golden orb f/ss7-$10+shipping
Golden orb f/370-$10+" (new)

60mm ocz screamer (4-pin)-$5+shipping
(3-)80mm crystal adjustable (3-pin/3-wire)-$8+each

just reply here or pm me with offers
thought someone here might have a use for this stuff

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