Using Outlook and sharing mail....of a sort..

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Using Outlook and sharing mail....of a sort..

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Hey all,

Got something of an odd question.

A friend runs a very small office. He uses Outlook (not Outlook Express) to do email.

Now he's got an office assistant.

Here's the scenario. The office has DSL, and there's a router setup (a NetGear wireless I believe) so that all the systems can share the DSL modem.

Now, he's got his main desktop in his office. Also, his assistant has a laptop computer.

What he'd like to do is to be able to check his email, but also, to have his assistant check his email, the SAME email account, using the laptop, so that she can read through items, and file them in various mailboxes. Thus, if he checks it on his desktop in the office, he'll see the changes made (messages moved, etc)

BUT . . he'll also want to be able to take the laptop home, and see things there as well. That is, ultimately, the desktop and laptop should BOTH be able to store the mail locallly, and they should be able to sync with each other. Preferably an automatic system of sorts.

NOW . . I'm not sure if there's a way to do this with Outlook by itself. He has gotten knowledge that he can use MS Exchange Server to handle this work for him.

I don't know squat about MS Exchange Server. I also don't know squat about Outlook.

It seems a bit excessive to me to need to have a server running though to handle this.

Is there any way to accomplish what he needs using Outlook? In terms of email client, he doesn't have the choice to change it.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer advice. If anything's unclear in my description, please let me know and I'll see if I can try and explain better.
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