switches for home networks....

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switches for home networks....

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Well, I know I'm always sort of living in the technological dark ages.

I've got an old Allied Telesys 8-port hub running my network. Of course, it's only 10Mb/s capable. Sorta puts a damper on my use of 100Mb/s ethernet cards.

So I've been looking into going 100Mb/s . . and I've been told that a switch is the way to go instead of a repeater/hub.

If I understand it right, a switch doesn't just blindly send incoming data down all ports the way a repeater/hub does, does it?

Now, the repeater I've currently got is idiot-proof. Just plug in the cables and everything works.

Is a switch that simple, or is there any sort of setup involved? If there's setup, is it something relatively straightforward?

I just want to make sure I know what I'm doing BEFORE I buy something.

Oh, and as well, if anyone's got any brands or whatnot that they recommend, advice is always appreciated. I know right now that I'm thinking 8-port, because, while I wouldn't currently use up all 5 ports on the 5-port switches, I'll probably wind up needing them AFTER I buy it....
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Yes a switch is absolutly the way to go. All you have to do is plug in the cables and your good to go.

As for brand, Netgear, Linksys, SMC.

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