absolutely I N S A N E !!!

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absolutely I N S A N E !!!

Post by DonPedro »


I currently read on this forum, that the glorious days for selling K6-plus cpus are over .....

today on ebay, the offer for an

AMD K6-III+ ( K6 3 + ) 500MHz ACR

reached ..... 174 EUROS, about $ 210 !!!!

http://cgi.ebay.at/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie ... RK:MEWA:IT

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RE: absolutely I N S A N E !!!

Post by tazwegion »

Prices are driven purely by market demand, eBay is a classic example of individuals competitive natures over ruling their sense of a particular item's value :lol:

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Post by Stedman5040 »

Totally agree with last comment. A K6-2/550AGR just went on e-bay in the UK last weekend for £44 (approx $80 US). About one year ago the same cpu would consistently sell for about £15 (approx $26). This year it is much more volatile and can sell anywhere between £5 and £44 as you can see, but usually around the £5 to £15 mark. :?

Rarely see K6-III+ but last one went for about £45 (A K6-III+/500)


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