Parting with an old dependable friend

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Parting with an old dependable friend

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Im planning on visiting and possibly moving to the Philippines to be with my fiance in a few months and unfortunately I'm only going to be able to bring my new amd 64 box and a lappy so Im selling the K6 and my Socket A system. Anyway I figured Id give someone on here first dibs before I stick it on Fleabay. You can check my specs on my profile thingy and if you have any other questions just let me know. This system has been rock solid since '99 when I put everything together and for those of you out there who don't have one that does 600+ this thing has balls due to the 120fsb and Id venture to say this is one of the quickest socket 7 systems out there. Of course that's like saying I have one of the fastest Model Ts ever produced but Im sure it could make someone in here very happy. BTW for those of you who don't know, very few of these boards were able to run the fsb at that speed or higher, and 124fsb works and is 100% stable (I just opted for the higher Mhz) , and have the L3 engaged as well. So 124x4.5 is an option as well or 5 if you have a K6 that runs 620+ then things could really get interesting. If anyone's interested just let me know. And if you're just interested in buying lets say the cpu and mobo only that could be arranged as well.

1)K6-III+450Mhz acz @600(120 x 5.0),Tekram P5M4-M+ 392mb Kingstn sdram(2-2-2-5),Radeon 9200 256mb PCI@(325/470),Maxtor 40GB (8mb cache),Artec wrr-52X CDRW,Liteon 16x DVD-rom 2)Sempron 3000+(sktA)@2225ghz(185x12),1gb PC2700 Ultra DDR(2.5 cas),Geforce 6200 AGP 128mb(520/800),200gb Maxtor (8mb cache) Sony DVD RW DRU-710A 3)AMD 64 (skt 939) 4000+ @3.1ghz(12x255),Biostar TForce 6100 mobo,2GB Kingstn HyperX DDR (2-3-2-5-1),Maxtor 200gb 7200rpm (8mb cache),BFG 7600GT (650/1700),Plxtr DVDRW PX-716SA

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