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Posted: Thu Jan 29, 2004 9:32 pm
by Jim

Posted: Thu Jan 29, 2004 11:09 pm
by DasMan2
You would be wise to be certain you have downloaded the correct Win 98 S/E updates from Microsoft site ,both the Auto update used with I.E. + Win 98 S/E as comes in the default setup on desktop and any that are located at the main site.

Your BIOS settings can have effect on the shutdown ,but maybe an updated BIOS could be required on some of your m.b.'s .

Concerning anyplace that would even have FASTER Cache chips and the ability to replace them is going to be really rare . The most you will see in actual boost in performance would be less than 15% in my opinion. I would estimate hardly worth the cost even if you could do it yourself.

You have a nice collection of boards , I myself had a shutdown problem in Win 98/ S.E. in a couple of ASUS m.b.'s , but after a clean BIOS update and Clean reformatting the problem did not showup again.
Shutdown problems happen sometimes with a system not stable in the overclocked method used, which once you tweak the memory settings might get remedied. Is your memory sticks used stable and compatable? that could be another issue altogether.

Some of my M.B.'s would reboot due to the AGP slot and the drivers not installed (updated or compatable ones used) properly. There are certain AGP video cards that can take more power (juice) then what is toterable in your situation with the setup used.
Best to test or retest your boards with a simple PCI video card used to check if the problem if only present during an active AGP card used.

Hope this helps some. .:)

Posted: Fri Jan 30, 2004 8:18 am
by punkrawker82
I have a P5A-B mobo running Win98SE, and it always shutsdown without any problems. I think you just need to download all the updates for Win98se and update your BIOS like DasMan2 said...

Posted: Fri Jan 30, 2004 7:06 pm
by Guest
Thanks for the responses guys, but I don't think that windows updates, or bios flashes are the answer. I have been to windows update, and done all the updates recommended except the foreign language stuff; and the euro conversion tool. As for bios updates, I am running the same bios that PunkRawker is running - 005 from the German site for the Asus boards; and 4333 for the FICs.

What I have found is that DFI did a bios upgrade to solve a shutdown problem relating to AT power supplys (which I use). Also I took two of these machines into two different local computer shops to let their techs have a go at it. One shop, the tech punched the reset button through the faceplate in frustration, before giving up. (fortunately I [super-garbage-picker] had a spare faceplate.)

The other shop, the tech fixed it but wouldn't tell me how. He also made major changes to my setup, and locked things up so tight, that I couldn't format a drive, create a partition, or practically anything else, until I fdisked the hard drive thereby regaining control of my machine; but also getting my shutdown problem back.

I asked the shop owner if he knew anything about it , and he said that the tech had indicated that it was something in the power supply management section of the bios for the Asus, and that plus something else for the FIC. Thats all I know about it. Further input would be appreciated. Again while I am at it, can anyone tell me how to go about posting pics to this site? I have one part that PunkRawker might be interested in; and I'm pretty proud of the job I did on superpuppy--3 (this machine).

Posted: Fri Jan 30, 2004 7:17 pm
by Jim

Posted: Sat Jan 31, 2004 12:46 am
by punkrawker82
Yes, I have the Asus P5A-B rev1.05. I have always disabled power management crap in my BIOS settings as well. That may account for me never having any shutdown problems. You may want to try that and disabling the power saving features in Windows. My PSU is a Antec Smart Blue 350 ATX, while my P5A-B mobo is a hybrid and supports both AT and ATX power. There's not much more I can think of that would cause your problems...

Also you mentioned something about a pic I'd be interested in??

Good Luck

Posted: Sat Jan 31, 2004 12:53 pm
by Jim

Posted: Sun Feb 01, 2004 2:17 am
by punkrawker82
well, its not the cards mounted loose, its the panel where normal atx boards have all their i/o ports for sound/keybd/parallel ports and basically I just have a big hole and can see my motherboard. Everythings mounted stable...I'm just a bit concerned about dust getting in the gaping hole and not getting as much airflow as I could if the hole were sealed.