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I have an AX59pro board up and running with a K6-3+/450 @ 600. The manual states support up to 1 Gig of ram. From 3x256 in the 3 dimms and 2x128 in the simms. Supposedly the simms take up one of the banks of the third dimm so you have to be careful as to what memory is put into the third dimm slot. I currently have 3x128mb of Hynix pc133 cl2 ram running fine. This board definitely needs low density dimms I tried a high density 256 pc133 stick in the board and it only registered 128mb.

The only boards I have come across so far that take high density dimms are the MSI MS-5169 (rev4.1)and the Gigabyte GA-5AA(rev2.2). These both register 256mb as 256mb.

The AX59PRO is not a bad performer and takes a Geforce2 Ti video card with no problems that I have found.


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Hmmm... interesting the spec's I saw must've been written prior to 256Mb ram (or without such ram in mind) though to be honest... I've not yet run much more than 192Mb on it to date, good info for the future however :D

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Yeah. That board should be able to generate some very interesting numbers w/ that much RAM installed.
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