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Re: Maybe I found the King of the hill??

Posted: Sat Jul 04, 2015 3:54 am
by mamba

I give up on the Radeon, it crashes at Nature test on 3dmark2001SE.
I'm focusing on the FX5900XT.

Overclocked the K6-III+@633 (115x5.5)

These are everst 2.2 results:
I think I have poor write performances

I reverted to ALI AGP 1.6
From AGP tool 1.4 I see:
AGP 2X ; GAT mode 0; frame buffer size "disable"

FX5900XT frequencies @ default : 390MHz core 700Mhz mem

These are 3Dmark2001Se results:


Again 3400... With a 115Mhz bus and a 633 K6-III+, I don't understand...

Re: Maybe I found the King of the hill??

Posted: Sat Jul 04, 2015 4:50 am
by mamba
maybe I found the problem, activating nvidia coolbits I am able to see agp status also, and it is set on PCI mode.
AGP tool 1.4 is not accurate, better if I don't use it.

I am trying to solve the PCI fallback problem.

Re: Maybe I found the King of the hill??

Posted: Sat Jul 04, 2015 12:31 pm
by mamba
Little update,

With the aid of CTU, now I get those results for Everest:

368-172-202 (single stick of 512Mbyte as before)

I am really happy with that.

Now the problems is still the VGA that is installed in PCI mode.
As soon as I install the drivers, at windows startup, a message comes saying to me that the VGA has to be set in PCI mode.
Changing to AGP 1X or 2X thru coolbits won't pass the "test" and stay stuck at PCI....

I uninstalled Ali drivers 1.60 AND nvidia drivers.
Installed 1.66 and after installed nvidia drivers, same thing.
Even installed the drivers without ali agp drivers at all, no changes.

Hell.... I XP I had not this problem, but I won't give up.

I'll try 1.90...

Do you remeber something about?

Re: Maybe I found the King of the hill??

Posted: Sun Jul 05, 2015 4:20 am
by mamba
Hi all,
little update.

I installed 56.64 drivers after ali drivers 1.82, it appears that this procedures succesfully enabled AGP acceleration.


performace wise, the system is really slow (2800 3dMark2001 points :shock: )

I reverted to 52.16 but AGAIN, even forcing the Ali AGP registry, I am in PCI mode.
I launched 3Dmark2001SE anyway and I obtained those results:


VGA is at 390Mhz core, 700Mhz mem.
As you can see, the VGA is in PCI mode, can't do nothing about that, changing the options in nvidia control panel do nothing.
If I can enable AGP I'm sure I can squeeze more....

It seems the the driver is incapable to correctly recognize the Operative System (win98) AGP capability, in fact as you can see in the AGP tab, it says the card is ok, the chipset is OK, but win98 can do only PCI mode.

What do you think?

Re: Maybe I found the King of the hill??

Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2015 11:47 am
by mamba
There you go Peter!

I managed to sort out of the PCI mode problem, it was coolbits that messed all up.

This is my 3Dmark2001SE and I think a new record.

K6-III+ 633MHz (115x5.5)
GA5-AX Rev 5.2 bios F4
512Mbyte RAM PC133 Single stick
Leadtek 5900XT @ 450Mhz/850MHz core/mem GAT2
Promise controller TX2 SATA150
WD Raptor HLFS 74Gbyte
Audigy SB0090

Optimizations via CTU on K6 and Wpcredit on memory


Re: Maybe I found the King of the hill??

Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2015 3:03 pm
by DonPedro
First of all I apologize for not having visited this thread again earlier - I got no email from k6plus that new postings are here.

Second: Congratulations !!!

You infected me two weeks ago and I played around again with my old systems the last 2 weeks and also managed to get 4100-something points.

BUT: this was done on my P5A, which gives me only 128mb/s (max 130 sometimes) WRITE performance in everest 2.20 (Win 98SE) (FSB 100)

I never managed to get higher results in write-speed when using 6 x 100 mhz on Win98. When using 5,5x100 it gets up to 170 or 180 when I remember correctly.

Then I installed again Windows2000 and again I ran into the same troubles that I had so many times (all times) before, meaning that FSB is only half of what should be (100) (under xp fsb is oscillating). This happens on the very same machine ... During the last two weeks I tried everything to find out a way of this but with no success. This means that many benchmark programs or sys-inspection tools (like everest) show weired results or don't run at all or in a strange way.

So then I grabbed my GA-5AX 5.2 and installed windows 2000 there. And voila - stable FSB!!!!!

Here (GA-5AX, win2000) I get 141mb/s write speed in everest (2.20). This is a 10% boost !!! compared with my P5A-win98 sytem. Read-speed is the same (360 mb/s) as in Win98, latency also (about 190/191 nanoseconds).

So obviously windows 2000 gives a better memory performance. Maybe you can reach 4300 or even more here! Will you give it a try?

There are some BUTs. First, you can forget ali-agp-utility in windows 2000. Although agp-drivers from I think 1.73 on upwards try to make the driver work with agp-utility via registry IT DOESN NOT. It's a fake. The only thing you can change via agp-utility is agp-mode (1 or 2) or force it into pci-mode. All other things seem to be hard-coded into the driver and it gives a damn what agp-utility does in the registry. I tried 1.72, 173, 174, 180 and I think also 183 but to no avail. So there is no way to for example set gat-mode as I used to in win98. What I have found out also is that there is almost no difference whether using agp 1x or 2x, but setting gat mode to 2 is more important (win 98).

BUT, I have also found out that WITHOUT installing ANY ali-agp driver (from ALI) the performance of the (ali-)driver windows 2000 (svp4, + svp-rollup 1 version2 installed) brings along is VERY good. I found out (via the utility PCI32 from someone called craig that it enables agp 2x for both the chipset and the vga-card. So I recommend to first stick with the drivers that windows 2000 brings with it from the beginning.

Also ctu-tool does not work in windows 2000. k6speed does! what is important here that you check whether WRITE ALLOCATION is enabled here (with no hole; means NO check at this checkbox). If write allocation is not enabled, you get very poor memory-write results (about 70-80 mb/s).

wpcredit works also in windows 2000.

But before you give windows 2000 a try you probably will try another thing in windows 98 if you have not already done so. In ali-agp-utility set FRAME BUFFER to ALL. This helped me (I think this was the reason) to get over the 4100 mark (from 4030 or so previously).

One other thing with windows 2000 drives me crazy since two days: I can not run ANY OPEN-GL benchmark/game! And this happens with driver versions below the 6x.xx which I know from my research into this problem in the past work in 2D and with games that need only directx 7, but all other directx/direct3D games don't. Interestingly OPEN-GL works perfectly with these drivesrs. Anyway, here I am with driver 52.16 and I can not run a single open-gl based programm. I immediately get an error message. Maybe you have more luck or you find a way out of this problem.

So long, hope to hear some good news ...

Re: Maybe I found the King of the hill??

Posted: Sun Dec 03, 2017 8:02 am
by mamba
I will try something totally insane during Xmas vacation (if my wife will not kill me).
I have a Asus V9999 AGP (6800 Ultra NV40. Native AGP, no bridge), I will cut a second hole on the AGP connector and see if it can be handled by the AGP 2X slot of my Gigabyte.

I did it before for a 440BX VGA, but while testing benchmarking the VGA got burned, something went inside the fan stopping it, I did not realize because I was ten minutes away. When I came back everything was messed up. But it worked.

Re: Maybe I found the King of the hill??

Posted: Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:06 am
by DonPedro
Forget it!
Even if you get passed the electric conditions, which I doubt, and passed the pci-bridge necessity, which I doubt even more, you will have to use drivers version 6x.xx and up. And this means you will not be able to run any directx/direct3D game or benchmark. This for sure.

Re: Maybe I found the King of the hill??

Posted: Tue Dec 05, 2017 3:44 pm
by mamba
Well the Electric conditions should not be a problems, as the 6800 ultra has molex, so it not really on agp slot only.
Plus, the nv40 does not have a Bridge (this is the problem with agp 2x).

I tested it on a p3b-f (440bx and agp 2x), with success.

Not sure about the drivers you mentioned, am I forgetting something about it?

Re: Maybe I found the King of the hill??

Posted: Tue Dec 05, 2017 7:02 pm
by DonPedro
For the driver problem read here

Re: Maybe I found the King of the hill??

Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 11:46 am
by mamba
I forgot it....

Re: Maybe I found the King of the hill??

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 3:08 pm
by mamba
I powered Up my k6-III system and it started Up without a glitch... Amazing, after years in a garage... And overclocked too!
I want to squeeze more from it, I think I will Stick with win98, it is the system of the record above.

Trouble is that I cannot remember how to use wpcredit anymore, I retrieved CTU and used it, but non wpcredit :?

Re: Maybe I found the King of the hill??

Posted: Fri Oct 18, 2019 2:23 am
by Skalabala
Some revival :2ar15
Guys, please do not use 3dmark 2001. It is bugged on K6.
The big score comes from running nature test. The faster the gpu the higher the score.
I beat all your scores with 5950 Ultra. But go play a game and you will see it sucks.
3dmark 2000 is the one to use for true results :)
Also do not use more than 128mb of ram, you lose 2-5% performance!