Fastest graphics card with AGP 3.3V (2X) interface support

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Fastest graphics card with AGP 3.3V (2X) interface support

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A year or so ago, I found BFG Technologies GeForce 7300 GT 512 MB DDR SDRAM AGP graphics card at one junk electronics shop.
I found this in their unsorted junk parts section of the store (They also have sorted junk parts section as well, but it costs a few $$$ more.) so I was able to buy it for mere $3.00.
One think I noticed about this board is that, it identifies as a Universal AGP card.
I looked at it, and it appears that GeForce 7300 GT is connected to an AGP to PCI Express bridge chip.
Obviously, I was skeptical that this will actually work with AGP 3.3V interface (there are some "fake" Universal AGP cards out there), so one day I decided to put it into my FIC VA-503+ mainboard.
To my surprise, it booted the system!!!
As long as AGP Aperture Size (in BIOS setup) is kept to 32 MB or less, it can boot Ubuntu 10.04 LTS without problems, but it the AGP Aperture Size it set to 64 MB or above, the text characters will not get displayed properly.
This appears to be the bug of Nouveau NVIDIA device driver's bug.
Interestingly, this same bug also appears with FIC KA-6110 (VIA Technologies Apollo Pro133 chipset for Slot 1).
I suppose Apollo MVP3 and Apollo Pro133 chipsets share the same AGP Aperture Size bug.
Regardless, I have not tested this system with Windows 2000/XP, but I think it must be the fastest graphics card one can use with Socket 7.


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