K6II 560Mhz

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K6II 560Mhz

Post by GregorAraujo » Wed Apr 16, 2003 5:38 pm

Well with the aid of my sistem cooling, I was able to get 560Mhz with my CPU(K6II 500Mhz), using FSB 112Mhz and multiplier 5.0, and I use Vcore of 2.5V and sistem is truly stable.
I put this to 600Mhz (6.0X100), and almost get stability using Vcore 2.8V. The heat it's no problem in this case, and I ask to all of you, how I need to get more stability

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Post by blue » Thu Apr 17, 2003 1:15 pm

2.8v is rather high, though its something I would do for the extra MHZ Im probably the only one on this forum that would .
what kind of heatsink are you using? have you tryed burning it in?
BTW I only remember one person getting 600mhz out of a k6-2 500 and that was with a decapped cpu
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Post by jsc1973 » Sun May 11, 2003 2:13 pm

You're running a risk at that high a voltage, but I have heard of K6-2 Classic chips taking up to 3.0v and not burning out. It just depends on how much of a chance you're willing to take. If 2.8v gets it almost stable, 2.9v would probably do the trick.

K6-2's suck up a lot of voltage without immediate damage, the design is pretty resilient. The original .35 micron version could even take 3.3v without frying (some K6-233's were actually rated at 3.3/3.3).

If you have a 124 MHz bus setting, I'd try 4.5*124 for 558 MHz first. That would actually be faster than 112*5 or 100*6, because you'd be feeding the L2 cache and the RAM faster. I can't stress enough how bandwidth-limited the K6-2 is at very high speeds.

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