flash the bios oh the pain

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flash the bios oh the pain

Post by wcdeuv » Mon Feb 16, 2004 6:10 pm

I'm trying to do this operation with a flash utilty to save the old bios just in case. i started with a 98 boot disk. Put the flash utility in and typed it's name amifl634.com and got an AMI flash utility screen with 'press any ket to ext" at the bottom. How the hell do I use it?? How can you save anything if hitting a key exits the program? Typical of AMi, no help. No text file, nothing. It did something, I restated without riunning the flash and BIOS had been reset to all defaults. Is that what it does? Just run it first, then bios is "automatically save" and then run the flash? I was going to flash my other board and if it worked put all the hardware on it. I dunno. The flash utility started, just no help, no nothing just "hit any key to exit". Any ideas? Thanks,

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Post by Super_Relay » Mon Feb 16, 2004 11:38 pm

try typing the name of the program followed by /?

so amif634.com /?

like most command line programs you need to tell it what to do and the default option wont do some default action (in this case ask you to press any key to exit)

the /? command will list all the other commands that the flashing utility accepts and mabey some other help type information

the latest version of the ami flash utility i have used was 329 and it was an exe not a com (the com file surprises me somewhat but i guess a lot can change between versions 329 and 634)

i hope that helps :)

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Post by Wiggy » Tue Feb 17, 2004 12:43 pm

Usually you'd do:

amif634.com 'name of new BIOS file'

Instead of saving the old BIOS, why not D/L the version that is currently on your mobo and put it on the boot disk with the new version and flasher.

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Post by Revhead » Wed Mar 03, 2004 3:53 pm

Be very careful!
And just to claify that.
Put the flash utility on your floppy with the new BIOS file and your old BIOS file.
Get to the A prompt, type DIR just make sure everything is there, then type AMIF634 (should be an .exe file) followed by a space then the BIOS UPGRADE FILENAME in full (should be something.bin), then push enter.
Don't TRY anything.
Unless you are absolutely certain that you have got it all right pull out.
If it doesn't work you can reflash your old BIOS which is already on the disc.
The fact that you have something endingin .COM suggests you don't have the correct flash utility?
Thanks, Revhead
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