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Post by Jim » Wed Jun 15, 2005 6:39 pm

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Re: Via Latency Patch

Post by Guest » Wed Jun 22, 2005 6:34 am

hmmm... tried both george breese's pci performance patch... and via's ...and have to say george's worked for me much better on mvp3 .. (but don't know which version i used)
Jim wrote:I tried putting this in on my DFI, along with the "Unofficial WIN98-SE Service Pack". I found that between them they : 1) Solved certain problems re crackling noise from the sound card; and 2) Increased the amount of RAM that WIN98-SE can use to beyond what the board can support.

Unfortunately the price of this was considerably reduced stability on the 98 side of my dualboot. Whereas I used to be able to have as many as 30 windows open silmultaneously, now 3 causes problems.

Consequently I decided to remove the "VIA Latency Patch". That is when the real problems began. The Uninstall ran without a hitch, and requested a reboot, which I did. But try to get back into windows!! - Safe Mode. I then tried to run my registry checking programs only to find that the best one "Registry First Aid" will not run in Safe Mode.

I finally managed to get back in in normal mode, but it was extremely unstable. It was difficult to even open a folder without explorer crashing. Still I was eventually able to run "Registry First Aid" in an attempt to rectify the problems.

"Registry First AId" reported some 162 registry problems, which were individually checked and corrected before the machine was rebooted. Again there were problems getting into windows; but again I managed to get back in.

This time I ran "Norton System Check" which stopped running almost immediately, reporting a "Global System Error". I then allowed Norton to "Repair" that error by removing a single registry entry, then rebooted again.

This time I could get into windows but explorer was still crashing at the least provocation. I keep copies of windows update files, so I was able to rerun the explorer install, which seems to have solved the explorer crash problem.

This still left me with programs that don't want to run, and The despicable "THIS PROGRAM HAS PERFORMED AN ILLEGAL Blah Blah" message occuring with disgusting frequency.

Regretably my backups are all contaminated by the Latency Patch, because it was installed early in the sequence of installs. May be able to sort it out, may have to start over. Consider this a warning to others contemplating using that patch.

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