When you're going to install new equipment....

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When you're going to install new equipment....

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Really double-check, and look at make sure that you have what you think you have.

So when I got my card reader today, I was delighted. Heck, the manual even says it's got a USB header on the motherboard.

And there I was, saying "where the heck IS that thing..."

Check the manual . . ah, ok over . . um, here?

Aha! There it is, it even says F_USB silkscreened on the motherboard.

No actual USB header though. Just some ends of traces in that general area, and maybe some resistors.

Fine print: USB header is an optional component on the board.


But the card reader does look darn pretty in the case..... Time to order a USB card.

And of course, because my luck just been working this way, the Bytecc USB card Nohr recommended is out of stock at Newegg.

Oh well.... might as well install one of the 64MB modules I've had sitting around. Bring it up to 192MB.

So I go ahead and do it . . and I'm pretty sure that these modules came out of a Super 7 board.

Except the board doesn't recognize them!


Fortunately, they work in a P-II system board I got. Interestingly ehough as well, the 64MB module that came in that P-II system works in the FIC board.


Oh well, at least I got SOMETHING to go right today!

So remember folks, just be sure you know what you have......

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