Need weird internal USB cable for Shuttle PC12 card reader..

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Need weird internal USB cable for Shuttle PC12 card reader..

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I don't know if this type of cable has a particular name or not.

A bit of background: I've just recently gotten a Shuttle PC12 card reader. It had two different cables to connect to a USB header which, lo and behold, my motherboard doesn't have.

Okay, I try to order a particular USB 2.0 card because it's got 2 internal headers that look EXACTLY like they'd fit these cables, but alas, it goes out of stock and I can't get it.

I wind up getting a highly recommended Bytecc PCI USB2.0 card, 4 external ports, 1 internal.

However, I can't hook it up to my card reader because the PCI card's internal connector is exactly like the external ports.

Under normal circumstances, I'd say that's pretty clever and convenient, except that neither of the cables that came with my card reader will fit it!

The end of the USB cable that connects to the card reader looks almost exactly like the connectors on the ends of those CD-to-Soundcard cables, except its 5 pins wide instead of 4.

The other end: on one of the cables, it looks much like the flat connector for the piezo speaker in PCs, is 5 pins wide, with one of them blocked off, so 4 wires are used.

The other version, that end looks a lot like the end that plugged into the old ISA soundblaster 16 cards from the CD drive (white, small)

Is there either some sort of adapter that exists to convert this to a USB A connector? Or just a cable that I can substitute?

If so, does it have a particular name, and where can I get it? I'd prefer to avoid fabricating something if I can.
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