I need a new video card

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Re: So, what was the final resolution, mbmulkey?

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Sorry about not getting back any sooner. I had to go out of town on business.<br><br>Sorry to say, I've let the issue drop. The card is still in the K6-III and it seems to behave itself. It just doesn't like 3dmark. Oh well, until Steven (my son) says he has a problem with it, I'm content to put it asside. Besides, I've been occupying myself building another K6-2 system from spare part I had lying arround. Wife didn't like the boxes of "junk", so I decided to rearrange the junk into a computer and maybe make it into a print server. That will make 4 on the home network. I'll just leave it on all the time an move the printer to it.<br><br>K6-2 500<br>ebox EP-MVP3C2<br>voodoo3 2000<br>adaptec 1540 scsi adapter<br>2.1G and 500m scsi drives<br>32x cdrom<br>soundblaster 64v<br>zip 100<br><br>Thanks all. It's been fun <p></p><i></i>

Re: I need a new video card

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mbmulkey wrote:my son recently became interested in the old epox mvp3c2 K6-2 system I had lying around so I decided to beef it up. I added a k6-III+ @ 600 and now want to replace the voodoo3 3000 with something with more punch. I tried a leadtek gf2mx200 but it caused the post to go into a loop. the mobo bios is current and the gf2 drivers i downloaded from the leadtek site. i put the card in a epox 8kta3 system so i don't suspect the card. <br><br>I still need a new video card and i would like it to be a gf2. Does anyone have one on an eopx mvp3 system? In searching for answers, i came across a post suggesting the two are not compatable. Any comments on that. How about a radeon.<br><br>Thanks<br><br>epox mvp3c2<br>k6-III+@600<br>voodoo3 3000<br>ibm 20g gpx<br>generic cdrom<br>zip 100<br> <p></p><i></i>
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