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Discussion about systems that do not use the K6-x processors.
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RE: Primary IDE controller issues...

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Hmmmm... details, well it's the same old Abit KT7 (with Duron 800) I've been replacing cap's on all along, VIA KT-133A chipset, primary use was a server - gaming rig - Distributed Computing platform (F@H)

It does have a secondary native IDE controller (which I've not yet tested) running twin CD-rom devices, and currently the dual IDE Hdd's are running of the (pre DMA) controller, a new IDE card costs $50.00 so it'd be cheaper to...

A) leave it (and stop moaning :P)
B) replace it, s/h M/boards float around @ $25.00-$35.00+ AUD
C) Gary? Utah shipping (costs) is way out of the question ;)
D) scrap it for the modded AT->ATX server case & 450w PSU
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