your top 4 games for your k6-2/3

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your top 4 games for your k6-2/3

Post by samuraiboy »

hello there guys!!!! what's the your latest or the last top 4 hardcore games (fps,strategy,etc.) you have played on your k6 pc? anyone tried max payne 2? enter the matrix? GTA 3? or anything under the sun... pls include your rig/sig... i have played the ff. 3d kickass games on my pc:

1. max payne
2. hitman 2: silent assassin
3. no one lives forever 2
4. return to castle wolfenstein
and many more!!!

my system:

k6-2+ 500mhz @ 550
matsonic ms6260s
voodoo5 5500
256mb pc-133 sdram
20gb seagate harddrive
on-board sound
sony 52X cd-rom

im planning to upgrade my sound and my video card...
the voodoo5 is good but it lacks HW t&L and i need more FPS in games... is an aureal sound card a good upgrade? im planning to upgrade my vcard to an ATI radeon 9200 64mb... what can you say?

im asking this so that other k6'ers have ideas on what to upgrade in their system and what games they can play... thanks!!! you can include the FPS...

thanks for all the help
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Post by jagman »

1. Warhammer 40000:Dawn of War
2. Warzone 2100
3. Civ 3
4. Homeworld 2

K6III+ 450@600
256MB ram
ATI Radeon 64MB DDR
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Post by bmm »

Its been a long time since I played anything ok a K6-3+ 450.

Red Alert2
Star Trek Elite Force
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Post by Chips »

1. Unreal Tournament (GOTY Edition)
2. Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror
3. Half Life/Counter Strike 1.5
4. Need for Speed Porche Unleashed

I run these all using 3Dfx glide (not DirectX) because thats the optimum API.

Others that come close are NFS4, SNES9x (SNES emulator), Tombraider 4/5.

I'm about to try Solider of Fortune II because I hear that rocks!
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Post by Warlord »

Alien vs. Predator
Max Payne
Half Life

It's been a while since I've actually played any of them but AVP is freaking sweet...
Compaq Presario 4565 -Gigabit GA-5SMM, AFX K6-2 475Mhz OC'd to 560MHz (124fsbx4.5), nVidia Geforce2 MX OC'd 220clock/210memory, 312 RAM, 2x 10GB HDD, blah, blah...
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Post by tazwegion »

* Tie Fighter Vs. Xwing
* Dark Reign II
* StarCraft

(Have purchased Homeworld II... so I may need to revise soon :P)

Oh yeah... 'the rig'

* K62-550@560Mhz
* Epox EP-MVP3C2
* 64Mb nVidia Geforce2 MX400
* 192Mb PC-100 generic ram
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Post by DonPedro »


I have not done (yet) any head-to-head comparison with ati-cards and nvivida-cards, but I would prefer nvidia over ati (game performance wise).

because driver optimizations are a lot more important (as far as I have witnessed) to us k6-ers than sheer graphic cards power (which our "weak" systems can not unlock) I would argue that you don't use drivers newer than cat 3.7 for ati and 30.82 for nvidia cards. these driver versions (and below) get the most out of our systems because back then they were built to fit k6-systems too.

If you go for an ati card I think you are better off with an radeon 8500 or 9100, 9200 models are slower in technical terms and probably need newer drivers . 8500/9100ers can be found at very low price on ebay.

if you go for an nvidia card (which I am using since years; gf2 mx, gf3-ti 200, gf4-mx460) I would suggest to get
1. gf3-ti 200 (directx 8.1 in hardware) or gf2-ti 200 (both available on ebay) they both feature 128 bit interface and DDR ram. this enables you (at least in some games) not only to up your screen resolution but also to go for higher color depth compared to a gf2-mx.
2. gf2-mx (you either get versions with DDR ram but only 64 bit data path or SDR ram and 128 bit interface)

re soundcard I think you can't go wrong with an sb live card. but maybe there are other cards that draw even less cpu power.
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Post by monaro327 »

i'm in the process of building a new k6 machine i've been out of the k6 seen for along time now and i have this desire to go back and have some fun with the parts i've collected over the years. anyway i'll post some more about that later.

as for video cards i've always prefered ati cards over nvidia for these older systems simply cause they are fast have have alot better drivers then anyone makes out. when i had my k6.2+ and a radeon 8500le i found the cat3.9's gave me excellent performence and they have very good support for the via chipsets i think if your using ali chipsets you have to stick with cats 3.4ish.

personally i'd recommend the radeon 8500l/9100 series as being good solid cards for k6 systems. 1, they are the only card of the era to have true direct x 8.1 support(unlike nvidia gf3/4 cards that only have direct x 8 ) 2, they draw little power 3, they are well known to have a nice easy pencil trick mod to overvolt them:).

BTW i have a radeon 9700pro lying around that i will hopefully be using in my system i'll let yous know how that goes.
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