breaking the 137gb barrier for HDDs on win98

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I think most people can not see the post from that link due to the need of being a member.

Anything you can write up on what was there ?
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Dasman is right. I couldn't see what was there; and I looked.
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It's working for me:
For those that don't know, this is an attempt to implement 48-bit LBA support into Windows 98se's default IDE driver, enabling the use of hard drives in excess of 128Gb. This is not just another variant of Loew's "High Capacity Disk Patch" because

1] It's completely free (and of course, has no guarantee)
2] Addressing to 2048Gb is possible (limit of FAT32)
3] A large portion of driver code has been rewritten and optimised
4] LBA-48 commands implemented in separate routines instead of "patched into" existing 28-bit's code
5] Slightly increased performance over Loew's patch due to [4]

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Tried it a second time I get through . :)
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