VIA EPIA SP 8000, a great replacement for the K6-III+

Discussion about systems that do not use the K6-x processors.
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Not gonna argue w/ you. Just going to say that in my experience, performance will rise with the amount of ram installed, up to 256Meg, when running WIN98-SE. And that is without onboard stuff eating ram.
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Ah it most likely would (less system lag waiting for available resources), but as they're DC drones anyways... it's all good! :P


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Is it possible to use 2 different pc types of ram (pc100 and pc 133) with this motherboard at the same time? because i only have two sticks of 128mb ram and are both sdram but are to different types as u see
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The system should default to the slowest settings available, which would be whatever is read from the PC100 SPD.

If the system is not SPD capable, then you should set your system manually to whatever the PC100 stick is capable of.

As always, you can test the system for stability at other settings using Memtest86 or Memtest86+.
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