Compatibility List: Soyo 5XAE5 w/ i430TX

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Compatibility List: Soyo 5XAE5 w/ i430TX

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here's some info on the K6-x compatibility of the Soyo 5XAE5 I have. I already sent this information to King V by email.

Model: Soyo 5XAE5
Chipset: Intel 430TX
Form Fact: ATX
Max FSB: 75/83
Board Rev: ? (no indication of revision on the PCB)
BIOS Req'd: 5XAE-1A7 (dated 03/03/1999)
Wrong POST: Y ("-MMX CPU at 66 MHz" for K6-2+)
Clk Util Req'd: N
Feat Util Req'd: Y (Write Allocate Monitor works here on Win 2K)


- 83 MHz FSB runs the PCI bus way out of specs which is quite unstable.

- in contrary to the manual I could install one 256 MB SDRAM DIMM with
16 chips in slot 3, which is fully identified by the board (manual says
maximum is two 128 MB DIMMs with 16 chips in slot 2 and 3).

- CPU Support for AMD K6-x
officially: K6-2 running at max. 4.5x66=300 MHz
tested: K6-2+ running at max. 6x75=450 MHz
tested: K6-III running at max. 4x75=300 MHz
(note: The tested K6-III will not run at the documented 2.1V setting
with a higher speed. However, other K6-III/K6-III+ grades with lower
voltage or power requirements might achieve higher speeds as well)

- Latest BIOS (and manual) can be found here: ... aa066a18d4

- Caution: There are also BIOSes called XAE-2A1 or similar available for
the same board, these should be for a larger BIOS Flash chip!

Best regards

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