What you always wanted to know...XP Minimal-Requirement-Test

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What you always wanted to know...XP Minimal-Requirement-Test

Post by DonPedro »

There is rumor that some crazy lunatics meet at k6plus.com to discuss their vintage systems and spent their time on searching for the tweak that makes them happy like goofy. some say this is a waste of time .....

well, may I present to you some other guys who honor those who give their time on equally important things in life and award them with "The golden Sandclock Award For Extreme Waste of time."

for those who like old pc-hardware it is really worth a read, trust me! ;)
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RE: What you always wanted to know...XP Minimal-Requirement-

Post by Jim »

Link not working. K, Works now.
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RE: What you always wanted to know...XP Minimal-Requirement-

Post by tazwegion »


That's sweet...

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RE: What you always wanted to know...XP Minimal-Requirement-

Post by jsc1973 »

There was one more thing I wish they'd tried. It wouldn't install XP on the 486 motherboard with a 486 installed, but what if you install it on the Pentium Overdrive, then swap the 486 back in?
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RE: What you always wanted to know...XP Minimal-Requirement-

Post by l0new0lf »

Thanks for the laugh... back to wpcredit and the k6 :)
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Post by KachiWachi »

@jsc1973 -

I actually have a board I can try this on...once I get a suitable HDD for it. :roll:
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