Your Internet Browser Choice?

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Your Internet Browser Choice?

Post by theEMP »

Me, I have been using the aptly named "Internet Exploder" from Moronpoop. Have heard that both "Mozzilla" ,(spelling?), and "Firefox" are better; but am essentially a stick in the mud about changing anything; especially when I don't have a clue what is best to change to.
The above quote spawned an idea for a new thread.... :D

What's everyone's browser choice these days? On my newer rig (754) I use FF 1.5 mainly because of chatzilla and IEtab. I use javacool spyware blaster and folks said for a while that Firefox 2.0 didn't work too well with it (spyware blaster couldn't block stuff coming in from 2.0 like it could 1.5).

My second choice would be more difficult. I would be torn between Opera and Kmeleon (check out K-Ninja if you're l33t :lol: ). Both of those seem to run better on older stuff from my experience. I ran opera on a K5 (99MHz with 64mb of ram) and surfing wasn't at all horribly slow like FF or IE 6 were.

So what say you K6 members? What do you use on your newer and older PCs, browser wise?

I would have done a poll but there are ALOT of different browsers out there nowadays.
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Post by candle_86 »

new dell = Firefox 2
Dual P3 = Firefox 2
P3 650 = Firefox 2
(dead) K6-2 450 = Firefox 1.5
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Post by Uranium235 »

I just recently started to play with Mozilla Firefox and I like it.:) It seems more efficient and snappy. I haven't put it on any K6 rigs yet but probably will in the future, still using IE on them.
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