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Post by DonPedro »

new data for a geforce2 gts pro is now available.

due to the fact that driver 82.16 does not support geforce2-cards (except the -mx versions) I had to find another driver. my choice is the 71.84 driver, which is the latest driver that supports this model. I took this rather "new" driver because of the good results late 82.16 produced with the gf2-mx models.

one problem seldom comes alone is a saying here in austria and it immediately turned out to be true. the game expendable does not run with driver 71.84 and so I had to use 44.03 for this one.

the geforce 2 gts pro is a -mx card with 128 bit memory bus width paired with DDR video ram which gives a great boost in memory bandwidth compared with the -mx models.

also the card has now 4 pixel pipes instead of only 2 of the -mx model which doubles texel fillrate.

how does the card compare to the mx-models benched so far? the card takes the lead in most of the benches but the gf2-mx-32 still manages to beat the card in many disciplines. what surprises me most is that the gf2-mx beats the gf-2 where it "logically" should not: at quality settings (32bit colors and resolution at 1280x1024 (960) and 1600x1200! interestingly this is only true for the games set #1 (opengl-benches + expendable (d3d, dx6), which is run with 82.16. games set #2 (44.03) does not give the lead to the gf-2-mx once!

the geforce 2-mx also manages to keep the first place in unreal tournament in 5 out of 6 setups. just amazing!

next card in the queue: a gainward gf-2ti-500 golden sample with core/mem speed at 270/250mhz respectively: A-GF2Ti500-270/4/2-D64/250/128
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Post by kalabok »

greetz from glasgow, guys.

sure u have seen mambas thread about the fx5700 on socket7 systems, peter. he made some very impressing benches which are realy promising.
i made a 3dmark20001 bench on my mvp3c2 rig with the mx4000, ill send you the results soon. hope, it helps.
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Post by DonPedro »

thanks kalabok, I am following mamba's thread ....

new data available: Gainward GeForce 2 Ti500 Golden Sample, A-GF2Ti500-270/4/2-D64/250/128, a supercharged Geforce-2 card.

the new results show some great improvements in most benches, especially at the "quality" - settings. surprisingly, the good old gf2-mx-32 manages to come in in the first place here and there, unreal tournament is a home-run.

what comes next?

I have changed the way I am testing the cards. so far I benched a card in a game's speed settings, then changed the settings to quality, then proceeded to the next game and so forth. this was repeated with every card. this has two big disadvantages: first, it takes a great deal of time to change a programs settings (and the drivers settings too), because you have to check and recheck to make this correct. otherwise I would ruin the numbers. second it is still a source of error because changing settings happens just too often. so I decided to run and test all cards with one setting, then go back to the beginning, change the settings once and run the new settings with all cards. this saves a LOT of time (in the end) and also minimizes sources of errors. there is only one disadvantage that it will take some time for the very next results published, but from that point on I will be able to publish every two to three days new results.

the following cards are already in the queue and have finished the parcours of set #1 at quality settings:

geforce 3 ti200 175/200
geforce 3 ti200 200/200
geforce 3
geforce 4 mx460
geforce 4 ti-4200
geforce fx 5200 pci
geforce fx 5700
geforce fx 5900xt
geforce 6200 pci
and TATA!!!! geforce 6600gt: yes, you can trust your eyes!!!! ;)
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Post by DonPedro »

hello everybody interested in this thread!

the reason why there are no updates since some weeks is quickly explained:

first, the weather is just that fine here in vienna that I have to spent my free-time with summer-activities. with temperatures up to 28 degrees celsius at 3 in the morning even the nights ask for longlasting grill-parties, outdoor cinema, etc .... summer is in town! :)

second, I had to realize that I made a mistake at some point during my benchruns insofar as depending on driver version used you once get offered 2x anti-aliasing, sometimes 2x2, and sometimes you are offered 2x or 2x2 AA. problem is (was), that I did not become aware of this until I realized that the list of possible aa-modes is not sorted alphabetically and depending on the number of possible options sometimes part of the list is hidden until you scroll down to see the rest. who would expect a 2x2 aa-mode at the very end of the list (hidden, after a series of entries that gave the impression the list is sorted), when the list of possible optons starts with 2x-aa-mode? DAMN! :evil:

when I realized that "2x" is not equivalent to "2x2" because benching with both modes give considerably different results I really felt crushed and 10 years older. I immediately decided to massage my broken soul with all niceties a summer can offer.

of course this does not mean that I give up! when fall comes and the weather conditions confine me to my flat I will investigate how far back I will have to go to rerun some cards to get things straight and have comparable results.
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Post by Jim »

I know the feeling Peter. Probably Moronpoop somehow had a hand in it :) . It is so frustrating when you have to work through something that is so obviously the wrong way to do things, I.e. like you have encountered, set up a list that appears to be logically sequenced; but in fact is not. Hope it doesn't set you back too far.
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Post by DonPedro »

thanks for the moral support, jim! :)
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Post by Super_Relay »

big thumbs up on your efforts so far, top work.

that said i would be raising an eyebrow if you didnt go and enjoy some warm vienna summer. :D

stupid winter here is killing me, though i did get to the snow a week or 2 back. that was fun
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