Everest and the MS 694T pro

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Everest and the MS 694T pro

Post by Stedman5040 »

I have a Tualatin P III-s 1.266MHz cpu in a MSI board with 512Mb cl2 pc133 memory. At boot up the everest scores using 2.20 home version give

MR/MW/ML 1024/216/100.8

After browsing the internet for a while I run Everest again and get

MR/MW/ML 1024/262/100.8

That's like 20% boost in MW with no tweaking of anything.

Any ideas?

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Post by DonPedro »

this reminds me on what we have watched on several occasions of benching our socket7-systems, don't you remember (about a year ago)?

we discussed that strange behaviour ad nauseam and came to no usefull explanation of why this happens and under what circumstances. not only did everest scores benefit of running it after some other software, but also did the scores of sandra and superpi.
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Post by Jim »

Increased level of cache hits for some reason or other. That can be confirmed by running a cache hit tracker in the background during both tests.
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