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Wow !! Help, Help, and more Help. Thanks Guys. To answer in sequence.

@ Peter : My knowledge of French, is what little I remember from highschool, (almost 50 yeard ago now.) Still I was able to get the drift of what that post was saying.

@ U235 : Re CBROM 2.07 and LHA.EXE : Thanks, I will PM you either this morning or to, night, if I get called to work, (by radio), before I can get it done this morning. Also do you happen to have a copy of the appropriate version of Modbin? Would appreciate that too. I have WinRAR.exe, but though it works with the 4.23 file, it is not working with the newer ones. They may be corrupt. Re Uniflash : I have it but have never used it. Would appreciate any help you can give there, both for this, and also when I go to try to resurrect the Gigabyte boards that have problems. (3 of the five that I have.)

@ Kalabok : Which version of Modbin, does one use w/ the Bios Patcher? and how does one use it? DO NOT WASTE TIME RESEARCHING AN ANSWER, UNTIL YOU ARE SAFELY RECOGNIZED AS A MASTER OF WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU STUDY. Time enough later.

Thanks again ALL!
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