mvp3 mobo and the vlatency program.

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mvp3 mobo and the vlatency program.

Post by davexnet »

I've a dual boot system (win2k and win98) on a Epox mvp3gm
running a k6-3+ @ 500Mhz.

If I don't install George Breeses Vlatency program, both systems
freeze after 10 - 15 minutes of desktop activity. Installing
the program alleviates the problem completely.

In Georges write-up for the program, he describes a parameter
"GuaranteedCPUTime" and he says that "A value of zero can cause the motherboard to freeze, or cause RAID disk activity to use up to 100% of CPU time". He also says "Most old BIOSes have a default value of twelve, and new BIOSes have a default of eight"

My question is, since there is no such setting in my BIOS, where is the value stored? Is it something I can see using WPCREDIT ?
Thanks for any info.

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RE: mvp3 mobo and the vlatency program.

Post by Jim »

Not sure off the top of my head. I did find in WPCredit a "Latency" setting of which the PCR file said "Higher is Better but proceed with caution." It is I suppose something that you could try. I mean try WPCredit and see what settings there are in there. There are an awfull lot of them, and a lot of them were over my head. To get some idea of what is in there you could take a look at my post "WPCredit as applied to a DFI K6BV3+/66" in the software and tweaking section. I did not include all that WPCredit offers access to, however, cause a lot of it I did not understand.
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Post by davexnet »

Could be so, something to do with offset x'0d' and offset x'75'.
In the PCR, 0d says "higher is better proceed with caution" and '75'
bit 5 says "latency timer (read only) reads x'0d' bits 2:1"

With vlatency at default settings my values were 0d=0, 75=8f.
After setting "guaranteedCPUTime=5", it changed to
0d=0, 75=AF.

I'll play with it a little more, perhaps set the guaranteedCPUTime a little
higher, but so far, I still don't see where the actual value is stored.

viapfd.sys is installed - I know this also sets values into the chipset.
I checked the device manager and it's startup type is disabled.
Perhaps I should uninstall it to be safe.

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