Tualatin overclocking

Discussion about systems that do not use the K6-x processors.
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The apacer ram I have is single sided 256mb and is most likely high density ram. No problems for my GA-6OXET board but most likely is only recognised as 128mb by a lot of older boards. They probably made some of the stuff as low density sticks too as I seem to remember that the apacer pc100 sticks would overclock well with the 7.5ns infineon chips.

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Thanks for the info Tony. There are a number of "Brand Name" types of RAM that are supposed to be superior to the run of the mill stuff, - Crucial, Mushkin, Corsair, etc. But as far as I can tell, the Apacer is the best of the lot. Only thing that concerns me is the "Infineon" chips. I had some Infineon and gave it away. 2x256 double sided, cause I was not impressed with it when trying to run it on an FIC VA503+ Rev 102. Just trouble, trouble, and more trouble. That's why I switched to Hynix. Their stuff ran better on that FIC board than anything else I tried. (NOT including Apacer, cause I didn't have any.).
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