WPCredit as applied to a DFI K6BV3+/66

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Post by KachiWachi »

Just a general comment here.

It would be nice if everyone elaborated on the "tweaks" that are applied.

For example, tell us what the setting is for, what the "default" setting is, what your "normal" setting is, and then what your "tweak" is.

Otherwise...this data is meaningless.

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My new Ram read score on DFI K6BV3+/66 - K6-3+ ATZ

Post by Steven67 »

Hello, Jim

do you remember our discussion about my 'read ram score' , this is a new one ;)


I got a new Voodoo5 as you can see.
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RE: My new Ram read score on DFI K6BV3+/66 - K6-3+ ATZ

Post by Jim »

Haven't seen that version of Everest before; but if your "memory read" score is now 581, THAT is VERY impressive!! How did you do it ?
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Post by Stedman5040 »

look at the P5A reference cpu two lines below his score with the aladdinV chipset with memory at 66Mhz!!. I would say that you need to check the read score using Everest Home 2.20. Further down the list it gives a score of 128 for the MVP3 chipset on a Epox MVP3GM board with memory at 100Mhz. Clearly there is something amiss here with the benchmark program.

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