A new use for all K6 machines!!!

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A new use for all K6 machines!!!

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Folks, in case you don't know, a new category of specialized PCs has popped up in the past few years...the NAS (Network Attached Storage).

The idea is great for people who have 2 or more PCs in a home or office and want to consolidate all their data (aside from OS and apps) into one machine that can be accessed like a central file server.

Enter: FreeNAS! A stripped-down version of the venerable FreeBSD operating system, designed specifically for file serving. It's hardware requirements are so low that even the cheapest of the cheapest new PC you can buy or build today is complete overkill. Runs satisfactorily on a Pentium 233MMX on a TX chipset with 128MB!!! And more so on anything faster.

http://sourceforge.net/apps/phpbb/freen ... =93&t=4491

Have a home network? Put your old K6 to work, stuff 256MB-512MB on it and you should be good to go, provided FreeNAS does not complain about the hardware (I had one board it would not work with, another board gave no problems).
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Post by Tetrium »

Actually, theres another good use for a Super 7 board: That of a hardware 386/486 emulator.
Theres a thread on vogons.zetafleet.com made by Mau1wurf1977 where he did some extensive testing a Super 7 board with disabled caches to see how speedy any given Socket 7 CPU would be.

Super 7 is one of the best options out there for hardware DOS emulation as it was the last (and fastest) major platform that had the vast majority of it's CPU's unlocked and the last one that featured motherboard cache, giving one many more options on which old CPU one would want to emulate. Also Super 7 often comes in ATX, making it easier to find a case and such ;)
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