Pentium 266 Tillamook on MVP3 board?

Discussion relating to Socket 7 hardware.
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DrSwizz wrote:Intel states that they made some changes in how the CPU interfaces with the L2 cache. I suppose it is these changes (whatever they are, the document is not very technical) prevents us from using the L2 cache.
Yes, except on Intel's own TX chipset. So I'd assume (could be wrong though) that either Tillamook would somehow refuse to run on any board that's using some different cache scheme then TX (If the board has L2 cache but isn't a TX, no boot), or it could be the type of cache (I'm not really familiar with what types of cache would work or not), or Intel somehow crippled Tillamook to work with motherboards that could cache more then 64MB (which might also be possible, seeing the unedited P55C has no problem running on Super 7 boards).

Tillamook should work with TX, but TX is very limited (only 64MB cached, no 100Mhz FSB, no AGP).

It's interesting to note that Tillamook should run fine with the L2 cache disabled. Odd...
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