K6-2 "Server" Build Suggestions

Discussion relating to Socket 7 hardware.
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Jim wrote:If you would like a K6-3+ 450 ACZ, or a K6-3+ 500 ANZ, (either but not both), I can send you one because I have more K6-3+ processors than I need. Note : Both types of processor are good for 600 + MHz @ 2.1 V.
Whoa :idea: There is a K6-3+ that operates at 1.8V! That is amazing. I just have to try out the K6-3+/500ANZ. How much will it cost to buy? Will you ship in a box or a vanilla envelope to the Vancouver region? I never tried out a K6-3 plus or non plus. So getting one will be a first for me.

So far I have tried (prices include shipping cost):
K6-2/450AFX (previously used & free [received locally])
K6-2/533AFX (new @ $13 USD)
K6-2+/570ACZ (new @ $30 USD)
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PM me an address to send it to. Don't worry about cost. No point in letting them all sit collecting dust on a shelf forever.
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