Flytech B58 Motherboard - any experiences?

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Flytech B58 Motherboard - any experiences?

Post by moondog »

Hello together,

lately I digged out a mini pc with this mainboard, it uses the MVP4 chipset and supports even the K6-3 as well as 512 MB RAM... other features are IDE and mini IDE on board, 2 usable PCI slots with riser, front USB, DoC socket, LAN on board and so on...

I wanted to build in a K6-3+ but then the whole machine refuses to work, it doesn´t matter how much vcore I burn on it. With a K6-3 400 AHX it runs well but I wanted to put in an ATZ for some precious overclocking as it could reach much higher speed with lower Vcore and less heat... The BIOS says also K6-3 but I don´t get a clean system-boot... never...

So I wonder if those cpu´s are that incompatible?

Atm, the system is running with a 40 GB 3,5" IBM IDE HDD at 7200 rpm, 512 MB MT SD-RAM, a VIA-USB-2.0 card and the mentioned AHX and sucks about 24 watt in idle and nearly 40 watt under load... I thought about using a 2,5 fast notebook hdd instead to drop the power consumption again, even though I´m also playing with the idea to get a PCI grafixcard as the TridentBlade core is very, very lame...

I found parts of the manual at the net with a few jumper settings and so on but nothing more, no BIOS updates, no manuals, no drivers, nothing...

So I wonder if anyone already got his hands on such a machine?

Thanx in advance,

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RE: Flytech B58 Motherboard - any experiences?

Post by Jim »

You could try checking Jan Steunebrinks site to see if there is an updated bios available there. Apart from that you might be out of luck. The K6-2+ and K6-3+ do require an updated bios to be recognized by the mobo.
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