Saying HI

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Saying HI

Post by mrpaco »

Just wanted to introduce myself and say Hello to everyone...

My name is Paco, live in Florida US.
I am very much into older HW although I do also have plenty of newer stuff.
Primairly into OverClocking & BenchMarking ANYTHING that will run an OS :lol: .

I look forward to learning n shareing many tid bits of information here with you guys.
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Post by Antinomy »

Oh, hi there :lol:
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Post by jsc1973 »

Hello to both of you. People pop in and out of here these days, but this is still a great resource for old K6-class hardware. Feel free to ask any question you might have, and eventually one of the old-timers here will pop in and try to help! :D
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(Also an AMD FX-8350, which does the heavy lifting these days...)
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