PCIe Video Card on PCI only motherboards? Maybe?

Discussion relating to Socket 7 hardware.
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PCIe Video Card on PCI only motherboards? Maybe?

Post by endmilled »

I was just looking around eBay at PATA to SATA adapters for older computers and ran across this:

http://www.ebay.com/itm/150736952226?_t ... 97.c0.m619

A PCI to PCIe 16x Card Adapter? I wonder how (well) this works? :idea:
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Post by jsc1973 »

You could probably do it, although I would anticipate possible driver issues due to the PCIe card having to communicate through the bridge chip, and there would probably be severe bottlenecking if you actually got a modern PCIe graphics card to work and tried to force it to run on standard PCI.

I remember AGP-to-PCI adapters just like this several years ago, and you could run AGP cards on them, but the performance left a lot to be desired, even though AGP is far below current PCIe bandwidth levels.
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Re: PCIe Video Card on PCI only motherboards? Maybe?

Post by HMBR »

I have a PCI 8400GS, it's basically the same thing but all on the same PCB,
it uses a bridge chip from PCIE 1x to PCI,
but the card is problematic, compatibility is very limited,
on my newer Athlon 64 it worked fine under windows xp, but using a newer OS I couldn't install any driver, also even under XP I could see the bridge chip being recognized as some device with no proper driver (on device manager),

I tried to run this card on a Asus p2b (slot 1) and it didn't work, I haven't tested on my socket 7 MB, but I doubt it can work.
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