;-) still alive, and playing with SS7

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;-) still alive, and playing with SS7

Post by duncan »


because I´m rather mad about all this mid-to-end-90s-hardware, still building rigs with P1-MMX, PIII, K6/2 and K6III+.

Was reading here for some time, now was time to register.

As a south-west german native I recommend to those speaking/reading german the "dos-reloaded" forum - I´m mainly around there.

Just to say hello, and keep the good work going ;-)

greetings duncan
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Re: ;-) still alive, and playing with SS7

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Never give up never surrender! :D

I have been fiddling with Socket 7 stuff furously around 2006-2007, but then things happened and that passed. Still i am planning to resume at some point, but the my internal "it needs to be useful" requirement needs a review. :D The constantly used 1GHz Athlon machine stopped being usable for internets around 2015, so at the final drumroll of XP. I dont want to think about how a 600MHz K6-III handles todays java hell websites.
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