Hi there dears! A new enthusiastic DOS gamer with Socket 7 here!

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Hi there dears! A new enthusiastic DOS gamer with Socket 7 here!

Post by biessea »

Hi there!

In these days of COVID-19 alarm, I had to stay at home, and I was interested finally to take my time and undestand more about DOS Gaming and old system.
A friend of mine give me an old PC that he never used anymore and I love this gift.

I open the system, and I was happy to see the motherboard!!! An Asus P/I P55T2P4 rev 3.0!!! I know a lot of you knows good what I am speaking about!
So I begun to read various guide on internet and finally I saw that I can upgrade my CPU (a gorgeous Pentium 200MMX that runs good at 262mhz with 75mhz o f BUS) with a great mobile AMD K6-2+ CPU!

Unfortunately I can't overclock it cause my motherboard isn't stabile at 83mhz of bus, so I have to remain on 75mhz and with the 6x multi the CPU run at its stock speed of 450mhz. But anyway I know that I had make a good deal, upgrading my system with this great CPU.

Finally Nascar Racing in SVGA is running good, and so Quake on 640x480.

I have to say that I have 96MB of EDO RAM, I manually set it, and a Nvidia TNT2 ME64 videocard with 32RAM.

I have a Voodoo Banshee to, but I didn't make it work on DOS until now, I tried various Glide2x.ovl files but no game works correctly unfortunately. So i decided to swap for the moment to the Nvidia and try to sell the Banshee.

Anyway, I want to arrive at the point: I finished here trying to find a program for DOS to enable all the potential of my K6-2+ CPU. Do you know where I can go?
I wanted to introduce me only here but at the end I write a lot and I think it's normal to ask my main question.

What program do you suggest me?

I have always to disable EMM386 on DOS to make these programs run correctly?
ASUS P/I P55T2P4 @75MHZ, AMD K6-2+ 450MHZ (75x6), 96MB EDO RAM, VOODOO BANSHEE 16MB, 1.3GB HD IBM, DOS 6.2 (pure)
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Re: Hi there dears! A new enthusiastic DOS gamer with Socket 7 here!

Post by ctgeorge99 »

Biessea, una calorosa accoglienza! I'm in Belgium now and similarly have found extra time to spend tweaking my old game/software rig. I am not familiar with your board, but a quick search on Tom's Hardware indicated it might be capable of 100Mhz: https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/mo ... ew,10.html It could be worth researching, but your EDO RAM is likely the limitation of your system's performance.

As for DOS tools: There is a least one program on the download list here for tweaking K-6 under DOS. I think that adjusting things within Win98 or Win ME would be much easier though if you could make that an option. I run a hybrid Win 98/ME that allows me to use the computer for browsing on the internet via the last version of Opera and Firefox to support Win ME and still play all the old DOS games without booting to DOS or using DOSBOX. If you plan to stick with DOS, take a look at Phil's page here which has a list of K-6 2/3 tools to download for windows and DOS: https://www.philscomputerlab.com/k6-2-2 ... urces.html

I have only used some of the tools listed on Phil's site, but he does mention at least one that works with the Extended Memory Manager running. Phil seems to recommend setmul12 (the first on his list). In Win98/ME I have used K6Speed and more recently Central Tweaking Utility. Hope it helps!
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