Anyone try SSD on Socket 7 system yet?

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Anyone try SSD on Socket 7 system yet?

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I know people have tried SATA-IDE converters with SATA HDD drives.

Anyone jump right to SSD? Especially since many SSDs are low GB capacities, too.
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Re: Anyone try SSD on Socket 7 system yet?

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Old post, but shame on people for not replying to you lol.

Yes!! I’m going to be trying it in the next week or two.

In fact I picked up a pci to pcie16x adapter, and plugged a pcie 16x to m.2 nvme and a 128gb nvme into it. I don’t expect it to be directly bootable. So I will use a boot loader on a compact flash to IDE adapter to boot to which will load the drivers and hand it off to the m.2 which is where I will have windows.

I’m also planning on using a I-ram drive for my page file as I expect the maximum ram my motherboard supports to be insufficient for the craziness I have planned lol

Also, I will have a ssd on a sata 300 from promise on pci
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