My K6 still crunching numbers :D

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My K6 still crunching numbers :D

Post by Skalabala »

Hi members :)

I forgot to share this with you. Feel bad actually!

Enjoy! ... halkJansen
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Re: My K6 still crunching numbers :D

Post by Sphere478 »

The other day I believe I got over 6,000 with a k6 3+ 550 at 577 5.5x105 with 1gb ram ali aladdin v and radeon 9800 pro.

I have linux on it atm, though and the run was done on windows ME.

I I’ve been having lots of trouble getting this board to work with cd booting and my floppies are also giving me trouble. Maybe when I get it all figured out I’ll post some pics of benchmarks. I’m trying to get xp on it atm, that may lead to a lower score? Not sure.
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