Windows 2000 and FIC VA-503+ won't work together! HELP!

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Windows 2000 and FIC VA-503+ won't work together! HELP!

Post by lilxjohnny »

I have posted this over at the General section of the board, but I wasn't sure if it should've been posted there .. so I'm going to try it here as well .. so here goes ..<br><br>Currently, I have a FIC VA-503+ motherboard with the following peripherals installed:<br>AGP Slot: Diamond Viper V550<br>PCI Slot 1: None<br>PCI Slot 2: Adaptec 2940U<br>PCI Slot 3: Promise SCSI Ultra40<br>PCI/ISA Slot 4: Intel 10/100 NIC<br>ISA Slot 5: Creative Labs SB AWE32<br>ISA Slot 6: None<br><br>CPU: AMD K6-2 500 Mhz (never OCed)<br>Memory: 192 MB of PC100 <br>BIOS: JE4333 (FIC documented that this BIOS version will allow you to recognize HDs greater that 40 gigs)<br><br>I had this system running NT4.0 w/ Service Pack6 for sometime without any problems, until I decided to go with windows2000. During setup, it seems that nothing I do (including removing "non-Win2k" compatible devices) allows me to get pass around 50% of the detection process for hardware devices during the win2k setup.<br><br>Also, I had no success even playing with the BIOS settings. If anyone has any success installing Win2k on their VA-503+, what BIOS Version are you using? What did you do to get the win2k setup to work pass the detection process of the installation? <br><br>I've done some research in the FIC website (among other places) and found out that the ACPI features (or maybe lack of ACPI) of the VA-503+ is not compliant with Win2k. I also heard that there are success stories with the win2k installation by disabling ACPI detection in the Win2k setup or something like that?!?<br><br>Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Is there a way in the windows 2000 setup that I can disable ACPI detection? I would like to get my system up and running with Windows 2000. I hate NT4.0 lack of support for DirectX to play some of my games and I seriously don't want to resort using Win9x or WinME.<br><br>Thanks ahead of time for your help. <br><br> <p></p><i></i>
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503+ and win2000

Post by Bill0722 »

I had exactly this same problem. While you probably have solved it by now, this is what I did. I took all the cards out, with the exception of the video card and the promise card. I updated the BIOS and then, in the BIOS, I disabled all peripherals-- com ports, USB, parallel port, etc. I then ran the setup and it seemed to work. After that, I added things back one at a time. Once I got it up and running, the system was incredibly stable.<br><br>Good Luck <p></p><i></i>
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Re: 503+ and win2000

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That's about how I had to do it on the 503+. I put in a 10-year-old ATI Mach32 ISA video card and nothing else during the installation, then installed all my cards one-by-one. It would lock up if I tried it any other way, including having an AGP card in the system. <p></p><i></i>
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