Doom III has no multiplayer component!

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jonwest 01
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Doom III has no multiplayer component!

Post by jonwest 01 »

<A HREF= ... br><br>Wow who would have thought? Looks like doom 3 is going to have a decent interactive storline like Half life did, but no multiplayer? That seems weird. <br><br>Oh yeah $100 to the first person that gets good Doom III performance on a K6'll never happen...hehehhe <p></p><i></i>
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Re: Doom III has no multiplayer component!

Post by georgep1 »

You mean they weren't running the demo with the R300 video card on a Super7 motherboard?! I'm so disappointed! Heh.<br><br>I'm really looking forward to that game. Hopefully it won't be too much scarier than Half-Life. That was a great game, but really had me jumping. Those damn little aliens that jump at you out of the dark! <p> Epox MVP3G5,K6-3+450@618,256MB SDRAM,CL GF2 GTS,IBM 60GXP 20GB,Fortissimo II Sound<BR>ASUS TX97-XE,K6-3+450@500,256MB SDRAM,Voodoo4 4500 PCI,WD 30GB,SB AWE64 Sound </p><i></i>
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