Memory issues Tyan 1598s

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Memory issues Tyan 1598s

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I have a K6 III 450 on a tyan 1598s mobo with 2 megs of external cache. The issue I am having is I recently upgraded the memory from 224megs (128, 64, 32) to 384 megs (128, 128, 128). I installed Win2k w sp/4 and all the latest patches. It worked fine for a day then Win2k would bootloop.

The first thing I did was pull all the cards and just left my Rage Fury 128 AGP 2 card in. Still a bootloop.

Next I checked out the memory sticks. All PC 100 128 meg Kingston value Ram dimms test fine individually, and in pairs. One of the sticks is an older 16 chip version, the other two are new 8 chip versions. Every stick was tested in every dimm slot in every possible configuration. Test software was both Memtest 86 and Gold Mem. The only time the memory fails is when all three dimms are installed. Never seen this before.

Mobo bios is current- and was even flashed up and down with all bios versions, including the 106e bios. Memory still failed.

Tyan says the 1598s mobo is good for 768 of ram. No K6 III issues were listed.

The via chipset site says nothing about any issues with this Via chipset version nor their drivers. Since both memory testers boot off floppy before the OS does, chipset drivers can't be an issue.

I am at a loss. Does anyone know of any issues with the K6 III 450 and 3 x 128 dimms?

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