Anybody seen this website?

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Anybody seen this website?

Post by Sandells »

Hi guys,

I was just browsing through the acorn newsgroups and I came across this website I was thinking maybe they could design a SS7 motherboard with an up to date chipset and the other features of a Socket A motherboard. I realise it would be waste the money to do this, especially with the AMD 64-bit CPU out, but I'd like to squeeze as much as I can out of the K6+ cpu's.

Wacko I know :shock: but I love my k6's.



Post by DasMan2 »

Those look like very small board prices and standard cost only.

Start adding the needed chips to it etc and then the engineering cost would get the price apove a normal retail modern M.B. of most any type.

I could see a volunteer operation attempting a PCI type add-in card or maybe easier would be to develope a reverse (down-grade) "Power-Leap" type socket/slocket item to use the AMD K6-2/III "+" series CPU's in a modern setup ....hmmm that, might even work ! :shock: 8)



Post by Guest »

Well what I read says they do boards up to 12 by 14 inches, and up to 4 layers (typical Super 7 has four layers). So if you know enough about motherboard design, ( I sure don't ), then go ahead and do it.

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